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Jump shot

Jump rope isn't just for kids--it's a club sport.

Bob Handelman

Bob Handelman

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“Not a lot of people identify as jump-ropers,” says Benjamin Mousseau ’25—pictured here jumping over lit-up LED ropes. “What I like about it is the feeling of accomplishment you get when trying out a new trick.” Mousseau, president of Yale’s jump rope club, started jumping rope as a first-year, after a senior friend suggested he give it a try. Swinging the ropes for Mousseau: Margaret Hankins ’24, on the right, and club vice president Olivia Woods ’26 (see leg on the left). Started in 2019, the club now has “ten-ish” members, according to Mousseau; has done two nighttime performances on Beinecke Plaza (last year and the year before); and this fall performed during halftime at the Yale basketball team’s season opener. “It’s very low stakes,” says Mousseau, laughing. “It’s just a good time.”

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