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Drawing inspiration

When the sidewalk is your canvas.

Bob Handelman

Bob Handelman

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On October 22, some 2,500 spectators gathered to watch as 53 artists competed in the sixth annual Chalk Art Festival. Also on offer: music, professional chalk-drawing lessons, face-painting, free sidewalk chalk, and tote bags. The festival was organized by The Shops at Yale.

“It was so cool being around so many talented people. I just wanted to see what the people next to me were doing,” says Stonington High School senior Peter Previty—pictured here, standing, as he checks out his neighbor’s drawing. As for his own chalk art: Previty says he was channeling Halloween, which was then only a few days away. “It’s not your typical jack-o-lantern,” he adds. “My drawing takes inspiration from science fiction. There is a big crystal ball centered in a pumpkin patch, an eye, and a spider.”

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