Scene on Campus

Biking away

A residential college bike repair shop keeps students on wheels.

Going someplace? If you’re on campus, Yale’s Justa Sanchez Bike Shop wants you to get there—by bike. Spearheaded by College Fellow specialist Kyle Sirianno (second from right), and named after the father of a donor, the bike shop is the place to go for would-be and diehard cyclists.

The bike shop was included in the designs for Franklin and Murray Colleges, completed in 2017, but it sat mostly empty until Sirianno and Maria Bouffard, Franklin’s assistant director of operations, took it on in 2023 and enlisted a few students as volunteers and paid aides. They currently include Jhan Setthachayanon ’26 (second from left), Vivian Whoriskey ’25 (far left), and Diana Cao ’27 (far right). “We’ve refurbished and given away 20 bikes and done hundreds of repairs,” says Sirianno. His team also leads bike trips through New Haven.

What about bikes that get mangled or stop working? “I love it when we give someone a bike and they bring it back a year later and it’s trashed,” Sirianno says, laughing. “They rode that bike hard.”

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