Mark Oppenheimer

  • Milestones

    A departure… and a deanship

    After a near miss at Yale, an offer to run Vanderbilt’s divinity school.

    February 28 2013
  • Christopher Cappoziello


    Faith, in poetry

    Christian Wiman lost his faith in God, fell in love with poetry, edited a prestigious magazine, got married, got sick, and found God again. Now he’s teaching at Yale.

    April 30 2013
  • Julie Brown


    Rewriting his own script

    You may never have heard of Guideposts magazine, but 2.3 million subscribers have. Its editor, Yale Drama grad Edward Grinnan ’82MFA, has a harrowing tale of addiction and recovery that could have come from its pages.

    October 31 2011
  • Julie Brown

    Where They Are Now

    City life

    Heather Mac Donald ’78 left literature behind to critique liberal policies.

    December 31 2012
  • Light & Verity

    No church trial for former divinity dean

    A minister faced charges for performing his son’s gay wedding.

    May 1 2014 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Marisa L'Amore/Clique Media

    Light & Verity

    Summer school for the publishing industry

    A course to help professionals keep up with a changing industry.

    September 1 2014
  • Light & Verity

    New Div School dean is a preacher-scholar

    April 30 2012
  • Hugh Hamilton

    Where They Are Now


    D. Michael Quinn ’76PhD ran afoul of the Mormon church over his writings about its history.

    March 1 2014