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    Elected Elis

    Two alumnae join the ranks of Yalies in Congress.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • Findings

    Race and police shootings

    A Yale study shows that people of color are killed up to three times as often as whites.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • features

    Sending a message

    Two Yale students want to make it easier for people in prison to talk to their loved ones.

    Jan/Feb 2021 | Ico comments 8 comments
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    The demagogue

    Joseph McCarthy made a name for himself by accusing innocent people of treason. How did Yalies respond?

    Sep/Oct 2020 | Ico comments 2 comments
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    Service to others. On borrowed time.

    An ALS patient dedicates himself to improving the lives of future ALS patients.

    Sep/Oct 2020 | Ico comments 6 comments
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    Race relations at this perilous moment

    Policing and racially biased justice are not merely by-products of a racially divided society but have been the bedrock of race relations.

    Jul/Aug 2020