Last Look

  • Last Look

    Bells are ringing

    Harkness’s carillon turns 50 this fall.

    Sep/Oct 2016
  • Last Look

    Concrete poetry

    A poetic installation at Paul Rudolph Hall.

    Jul/Aug 2016 | Ico comments 1 comment
  • Last Look


    Yale’s first women PhDs get a group portrait.

    May/Jun 2016
  • Last Look


    A place to ponder, Buddhist-style, in the Art Gallery sculpture garden.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Last Look

    The big reveal

    A suspenseful opening at the Peabody Museum.

    Jan/Feb 2016
  • Last Look

    Writing on the wall

    Eight words on the side of a building, tied to abolition, secession, and “Jingle Bells.”

    Nov/Dec 2015