Last Look

  • Last Look

    Study, pray, commune

    A Hindu worship service in Dwight Chapel.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • Last Look

    A place of one's own

    Architecture students build a backyard home.

    Jan/Feb 2023
  • Last Look

    Green acre

    Harvest time at the Yale Farm.

    Nov/Dec 2022
  • Last Look


    The late Claes Oldenburg's Lipstick still holds court in Morse College.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • Last Look


    The Class of 2020 got its turn in the sun with a do-over commencement.

    Jul/Aug 2022
  • Last Look

    Lunch break

    In the food trucks on Sachem Street, variety is the spice of life.

    May/Jun 2022