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  • Old Yale

    Hero's welcome

    A hundred years ago, Yale honored World War I commander Ferdinand Foch.

    Nov/Dec 2021
  • Old Yale

    Frederick Law Olmsted at Yale

    He wasn’t exactly an alum. But he was Yale-adjacent.

    Sep/Oct 2021
  • Old Yale

    Stroke of genius

    Just after the Civil War ended, Yale got back to rowing--and beat Harvard.

    Jul/Aug 2021
  • Old Yale

    The '21 Club

    A survey of four Classes of '21 across the centuries.

    May/Jun 2021
  • Old Yale

    Women worthies

    Long before they could attend Yale, women helped shape the university with their donations.

    Mar/Apr 2021
  • Old Yale

    Teaching the teachers

    For three decades, Yale offered a PhD in education.

    Jan/Feb 2021 | Ico comments 1 comment