Where They Are Now

  • Where They Are Now

    Trans pioneer and eye surgeon

    Rénee Richards ’55 made national headlines for becoming a woman—forty years before Caitlyn Jenner.

    Nov/Dec 2015
  • Julie Brown

    Where They Are Now

    Life and money management

    Money manager Scott Bessent ’84 on failure, choosing a major, and how finance is like journalism.

    Sep/Oct 2015
  • Where They Are Now

    Changing the world, one toilet at a time

    An alum’s startup company promises better sanitation for the poor.

    May/Jun 2015
  • Where They Are Now

    History for everyone

    Edward Ayers ’80PhD is making history popular, on campus and on the radio.

    Mar/Apr 2015
  • Where They Are Now

    Designer, Type A

    An alumna tells how she became the villain on a reality TV show.

    Jan/Feb 2015
  • Where They Are Now

    A career in moonshine

    An alum opens New York City’s first whiskey distillery since 1920.

    Nov/Dec 2014