In Remembrance: Frances A. Nash ’47MN Died on January 3 2022

Frances Elizabeth Nash, formerly Frances Elizabeth Agar, passed away on January 3, 2022, at age 99.  She was in her home in Kingston, Rhode Island, with her son Eric Nash. 

She is survived by her sons, Jon and Eric Nash, her daughter, Susan Nash, and her grandsons, William Wahby, Finnegan and Julian.  Her husband, Charles Nash, and her daughter, Deborah Nash, passed before her.  

Frances was born in Utica, New York, to her father, Justus B. Agar and her mother, “Frankie” Agar, formerly Frankie Johnson. According to Frances, she had planned on a career as a waitress, but was sidetracked from this goal by receiving a full scholarship to Syracuse University due to her performance on the New York state Regents’ exam.  She received a bachelor’s in nutrition.  She then received a scholarship to Yale University in one of their first programs for a master’s in nursing.  She completed this program, receiving her master’s in 1947.  She met her husband, Charles Nash Jr., while attending Yale University.  Later in life she completed a nurse practitioner with a specialty in women’s health.

Frances used her nursing education and skills in serving her communities in different capacities over the years. She worked in research, as a nurse instructor, as a school nurse, as a community nurse, and in Planned Parenthood.  She always made time to reach out to those in need! After she retired from nursing, she spent many years in another passion as a fish and wildlife volunteer at the wildlife refuges in Rhode Island. 

An informal service will be held July 24 at her home in Rhode Island.  Please contact us for more information:

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