In Remembrance: Bob A. Brown ’61 Died on March 1 2024

Bob A. Brown died March 1, 2024, in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  following a series of complicated chronic illnesses. He was 85.

There was a no published obituary, but following was written by Karl Robinson ’60 on behalf of the family:

“Bob was a true polymath. Following graduation he served in the Navy as an officer, worked as a prep school math teacher, taught literature in rural areas of Wyoming and Colorado, and was a Jungian psychologist, an engineer in the corporate world, a cattle rancher in Wyoming, and an automobile mechanic. He had his own shop and did the repairs himself. (Bob may be the only Yale grad to have worked as an auto mechanic!)

“He was a mountain climber, played viola in a string quartet, was a photographer and a published poet. He overcame alcoholism through AA, converted to Catholicism, and visited inmates in a Colorado prison as a Catholic layman. He was my roommate at Yale and one of my closest friends. We knew each other for nearly 68 years."

A brief notice appeared on the Neptune Society website.

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