Faculty of arts and sciences

School Notes: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
September/October 2023

Tamar Gendler | http://fas.yale.edu

Welcoming new faculty

Forty new ladder faculty members join the FAS for the 2023–24 academic year. Among the new members of the ladder faculty, 29 join the FAS at the assistant professor level and are rising stars in their fields. Another 11 come to Yale with tenure and are highly accomplished leaders in their scholarly disciplines. In addition, 14 new members of the instructional faculty join us on full-time, multi-year appointments. 

This cohort represents disciplines ranging from earth and planetary sciences to East Asian languages and literatures; physics to political science; Spanish and Portuguese to statistics and data science; and more. 

FAS faculty honored for community leadership

Four faculty members have received the FAS Dean’s Award for Diversity and Belonging, honoring their contributions to the FAS community: Claire Bowern, professor of linguistics; Wendy Gilbert, associate professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry; Alicia Schmidt Camacho, professor of ethnicity, race, and migration and of American studies; and Rebecca Toseland ’07, senior lecturer in economics. This award recognizes accomplishments in service, teaching, mentoring, and research that have made transformative contributions to inclusion and belonging in the FAS. 

Prizes recognize faculty scholarship and research

The FAS recognized four untenured faculty members for outstanding research. Jill Jarvis, assistant professor of French, was awarded the Samuel ’60 and Ronnie ’72JD Heyman Prize for research in the humanities, for her pathbreaking book Decolonizing Memory: Algeria and the Politics of Testimony. The Arthur Greer Memorial Prize, which honors research achievements in the social and natural sciences, was awarded to Bhart-Anjan Bhullar ’05, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences, for innovative research that has illuminated evolutionary history; Zhou Fan, assistant professor of statistics and data science, for introducing advances in statistical theory and methodology; and Juan Lora, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences, for research on planetary climates that has implications for understanding anthropogenic climate change.

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