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School Notes: Jackson School of Global Affairs
January/February 2024

James A. Levinsohn | http://jackson.yale.edu/

Kerry Initiative names 2023–24 fellows

The Kerry Initiative has announced the selection of 18 Yale students as Kerry Fellows for the 2023–24 academic year. The students, coming from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, represent Yale College and several of Yale’s professional schools, including the Schools of Management, Environment, Law, and Global Affairs.

Fellows collaborate with US policymakers on leading-edge research and high-profile publications for a global audience, touching on issues from the global environment to democracy and technology. The initiative was founded by John Kerry ’66, special presidential envoy for climate change and former US secretary of state. 

School hosts discussions on leadership, peacebuilding, and more

This fall, the Jackson School hosted discussions on topics ranging from democratization in the Americas to the future of Eastern Europe and the EU.

Iván Duque, the former president of Colombia, talked about the many challenges he faced in his term, including the COVID-19 pandemic and a refugee crisis. Duque spent more than a decade in the private sector before being elected president at just 41 years old. “When you enter politics, you are going to be challenged,” Duque said. “Don’t lose your idealism or your values, even when you have to make difficult public policy decisions.” 

Other guests included Leni Robredo, the former vice president of the Philippines; Natalia Gavrilița, former prime minister of Moldova; and Gen. Stan McChrystal, former commander of the International Security Assistance Force and commander of United States Forces.

Calling all Grand Strategy alumni

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy is seeking to reconnect with its alumni ahead of a spring 2025 reunion to mark the program’s 25th anniversary. Grand Strategy alumni who are interested in receiving communications about the event may reach out to update their contact information with the university.   

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