Graduate school of arts and sciences

GSAS welcomes its largest class of new students

The Graduate School recently welcomed its incoming class of master’s and PhD students for the 2023–24 academic year. This year, we saw the largest number of applications ever received by the Graduate School: 16,942. This record-breaking interest in our programs demonstrates the appeal of our distinguished faculty and the exceptional opportunities for academic and intellectual growth offered at Yale. A total of 819 of those applicants make up the new class, the largest in the Graduate School’s history.

This extraordinary cohort is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a range of experiences and talents that promise to enrich our academic community. The incoming students hail from 41 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, reflecting the broad geographic diversity of our nation. Additionally, they represent an impressive global presence, with students arriving from 59 countries around the world. This international representation speaks to our school’s reputation as a destination for scholars and researchers from every corner of the globe. Among the incoming class, 57 percent are international students, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to our community. Their presence will foster an environment of cross-cultural exchange, enriching the educational experience for all.

The incoming class represents an impressive array of academic backgrounds, with students coming from 369 different undergraduate institutions. This diversity of educational experiences will undoubtedly contribute to a vibrant intellectual environment, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and the exchange of ideas. We extend a warm welcome to each member of the incoming class, as they embark on their academic journey at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. We are confident that their unique contributions will further enhance our community and propel our institution’s commitment to excellence in research and scholarship.

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