Graduate school of arts and sciences

New fellows program to foster inclusion and excellence

The Graduate School announces the launch of the Edward Alexander Bouchet and Evelyn Boyd Granville Science and Mathematics Fellows Program, a community of scholars aimed at supporting underrepresented students. The program pays tribute to the legacies of Edward Bouchet and Evelyn Granville, who earned their PhDs at Yale in 1876 and 1949, respectively. Bouchet was the first self-identified African American to earn a US PhD (which he earned in physics), and Granville, a NASA-contributing mathematician, was the second African American to earn a US PhD in mathematics. The initiative focuses on inclusivity and empowerment, offering support and recognition to outstanding science and mathematics PhD scholars from underrepresented backgrounds. By providing a platform for these scholars to thrive, the Bouchet/Granville Fellows Program aims to continue the tradition of breaking barriers and making significant contributions to the fields of science and mathematics. The first cohort will begin this fall.

Applications increase for the 2024–25 academic year

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ application cycle for the 2024–25 academic year—which closed on January 2, 2024—saw an increase of 17.1 percent over the previous year, with a total of 19,746 applications to all degree programs. The surge in PhD programs was a dramatic 18.5 percent to reach a total of 16,028 applications. Additionally, international applications have also seen a significant boost, rising by 18 percent to 12,329 applications. The Graduate School also granted 4,436 fee waivers, easing the financial burden for a considerable number of applicants. The rise in applications highlights the enduring global appeal of Yale’s graduate programs and the institution’s efforts to attract a diverse range of scholars. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is the only school at Yale to offer master of arts (MA), master of science (MS), master of philosophy (MPhil), and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees. 

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