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Two unrelated donations to the university may both end up in court because companies want to get the money back to pay creditors. The consulting firm BearingPoint gave Yale $8.1 million before filing for bankruptcy last year; its trustee filed a lawsuit in March seeking the return of the money. And the bankrupt Industrial Enterprises of America, whose former CEO John Mazzuto ’70 gave at least $1.5 million to Yale’s baseball program, says it will sue to get Mazzuto’s gift back; they say the gift includes stock that was illegally issued.


The admission rate for the Yale College Class of 2014 was 7.5 percent, the same as last year’s record low. The college admitted 1,940 of 25,869 applicants. The admission rate at all other Ivy League schools, as well as Stanford and MIT, dropped this year: Harvard’s fell from 7.0 percent to 6.9, Stanford’s from 7.6 to 7.2.


The Secret Service will be back on campus for commencement this year. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton ’73JD will address graduating seniors at their Class Day ceremonies the day before commencement.


Counting every Yalie who lives on campus for the 2010 Census was a priority for the university in April. College masters promised study breaks for classes with 100 percent participation in filling out census forms on April 6. Yale also put up a website explaining that each person’s census form will bring $9,000 in federal funding to New Haven. By April 13, only 19 undergraduates’ forms were outstanding.


If upperclassmen want a Blue Book this fall, they’re going to have to ask for one. Students can shop online for courses now, and this past year, they could ask not to receive the Yale College course catalog. But only about 20 percent opted out. So this year Yale plans to save money and trees by making the Blue Book available only by request.  

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