Scene on Campus

Loom room

A place for students to de-stress and get crafty.

This studio in the Morse College basement has been outfitted with eight floor looms, six table looms, two tapestry stations, and knitting and sewing machines. On any given Sunday, around a dozen Morse and Stiles students are there, de-stressing. The place was the brainchild of Kristi Lockhart, wife of former Morse master Frank Keil; she thought students needed a technology-free, academics-free space where they could be productive but not competitive.

“It gives me the opportunity to clear my mind,” says Stiles freshman Dianne Lake (center), who is making a scarf for her little sister. Not that it’s necessarily easy. Weaving instructor Barbara Hurley works with students in the studio on Sundays, but she’s available by e-mail throughout the week—when, she says, she always gets some photographs of “problems.”

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