Top dogs

Who knew the 2012–13 team could bring Yale its first national championship in ice hockey? They did.

By Alex Goldberger


The unexpected art

Woodworking used to mean carpentry, or a weekend hobby. Now there’s a new dimension.

By Meredith Mendelsohn


Faith, in poetry

Christian Wiman lost his faith in God, fell in love with poetry, edited a prestigious magazine, got married, got sick, and found God again. Now he’s teaching at Yale.

By Mark Oppenheimer


Inventions that will help save the world (if we let them)

It doesn’t matter how useful it is, or how important. Sometimes, a great new technology doesn’t make it into the market or your life.

By Caitlin Kelly

From the Editor

Boldface names

By Kathrin Lassila

Letters to the Editor

Heated words on climate change

Where They Are Now

A CEO goes back to school

Michael Jacobs works on his Yale BA—when he's not busy running a publishing company.

By Robert McGuire

Scene on Campus

Loom room

A place for students to de-stress and get crafty.

Last Look

Diamonds of a duchess

Downton Abbey–era opulence at the Center for British Art.