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Grads—and parents—speak out on their big day.

Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Caroline Jaffe

Mill Valley, California
Calhoun College
Joint degree in electrical engineering
and computer science

What will you miss the most about being here?

There are certain people I’ll mss the most. But I think I’ll miss the rhythm of campus. I’ll miss being in a really tight-knit, supportive community. 

What will you do next?

I’ll be in Delft, in The Netherlands, on a Fulbright.


Thank you. I’ll be doing research that tries to apply computer science and statistical modeling to urban planning and transit infrastructure planning.

And then will you go to grad school?

I hope to. I’m using this year to see how I like doing independent research and kind of delve more into this subject area, because combining urban planning and computer science is this new interdisciplinary area. I think everyone’s trying to get a sense of what that area of study means. I can use this year to do that as well.