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Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Alisa Williams

Toronto, Canada
Davenport College
Political Science

What have you done at Yale that you valued but would not have pictured when you were in high school?

Definitely the speakers. It’s the opportunity to get knowledge from people who who have such an important influence globally, and yet you are only a student.

Can you tell me about a memorable guest?

Soledad O’Brien, who I just think is a phenomenal news reporter. I had recently watched a documentary that she narrated called Black in America. It was so interesting to hear her perspectives on the documentary.

What are the pins you’re wearing?

Yale, and my society, and Davenport.

Tell me about your society.

I’m in Desmos, and it’s definitely been the most rewarding experience of senior year. It gives you the opportunity to meet so many different students that you never would have interacted with, just because they have such different interests and are from different backgrounds. So it really helped me open myself up senior year. 

What do you plan to do next?

I’m moving to Los Angeles to do investment banking. I find it really interesting, and it’s something to do for the next few years until I really figure out what I’m passionate about and can then pursue that.