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Applications to Yale College topped 30,000 for the first time this year. A total of 30,922 students applied for the Class of 2018, up 4.4 percent from last year. Undergraduate admissions dean Jeremiah Quinlan ’03 said the increase was largely among underrepresented minorities and students from low-income families.

All of the drug-trial data from pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson are being turned over to the Yale University Open Data Access project, a School of Medicine initiative headed by Harlan Krumholz ’80. This raw data will be made available to researchers.

Yale launched its first MOOCs—massive open online courses—this winter on the online education platform Coursera. Like the university’s Open Yale Courses, the four new offerings are free and not for credit, but unlike OYC they are to be taken in a specific time period and have homework and assessments.

A student-built website called Yale Bluebook+ made course browsing easier for undergrads—until the university ordered its creators to take it down in January. Yale College dean Mary Miller ’81PhD wrote in an open letter that the site presented numerical data from student evaluations without context, thus “encourag[ing] students to select courses on the basis of incomplete information.”

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