12 Internet players you’ll want to know about

The tech business teems with Yalies. Here are snapshots of just a few—and digital predictions from a maven of the online.

By Clay Shirky


Corporate transparency

The School of Management’s new home offers lots more room—and a whole new image—for Yale’s youngest professional school.

By Mark Alden Branch


Astronomy and gender politics

In space and academia, Meg Urry pushes the envelope.

By Richard Panek Ico comments 1 comment

From the Editor

Elihu Yale, nabob

A new book details the life—and collections—of the university's namesake.

By Kathrin Lassila

Letters to the Editor

Admissions—and about that cover…

Where They Are Now


D. Michael Quinn ’76PhD ran afoul of the Mormon church over his writings about its history.

By Mark Oppenheimer

Scene on Campus


Yale and Harvard meet at Madison Square Garden for The Game on ice.

Old Yale

Robert Moses and the World’s Fair

How the “valley of ashes” became the “World of Tomorrow.”

By Judith Schiff

Sporting Life

Toward college, with the help of a sport

The Squash Haven program has a strong academic component.

By Jennifer Kaylin

Last Look

Rome, by hand

Every year, Yale architecture students travel to Rome to draw the city firsthand.

Q&A: Peter Salovey

Resource analysis

Money questions about science at Yale.

By Kathrin Lassila