Dylan Walsh ’11MEM

  • Milestones

    Mendelsohn tapped to run endowment

    An Investments Office insider succeeds David Swensen.

    November 1 2021
  • Findings

    Hope for regrowth

    A new drug for alopecia with roots at Yale.

    July 1 2022
  • Findings

    A path to joy

    How puppets can reach children with autism.

    September 1 2021
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    How atoms jump

    Yale physicists answer a long-running question.

    September 1 2019
  • Findings

    Rolling robots

    A new generation of soft robots will adapt to their environment.

    March 1 2021
  • features

    Within reach

    Robotics has long tried to mimic the human hand. Yale engineer Aaron Dollar thinks there’s a better way.

    March 1 2019 | Ico comments 1 comment
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    Who cries louder--girls or boys?

    May 1 2019
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    Inhale at your own risk

    Sorting out the ingredients in e-cigarettes.

    November 1 2019