Judith Ann Schiff

  • Old Yale

    A "Select Course" that helped reshape Yale

    The three-year bachelor of philosophy degree foretold a changing curriculum.

    July 1 2019
  • Old Yale

    Hero's welcome

    A hundred years ago, Yale honored World War I commander Ferdinand Foch.

    November 1 2021
  • Old Yale

    Deciding to stay

    In 1868, Yale considered moving out of central New Haven.

    May 1 2018
  • Old Yale

    A voice against slavery

    A Yale alum who helped lead the abolitionist movement and free the Amistad captives.

    January 1 2022
  • Old Yale

    Starting strong

    A history of Yale lacrosse, including a national title. Of sorts.

    July 1 2018
  • Old Yale

    The first Yalies

    The Class of 1718 were the inaugural graduates of the newly named Yale College.

    September 1 2018
  • Old Yale

    Yale and the Great War

    World War I—and its end 100 years ago—upended life at the university.

    November 1 2018 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Old Yale

    Frederick Law Olmsted at Yale

    He wasn’t exactly an alum. But he was Yale-adjacent.

    September 1 2021