• Light & Verity

    The college, by the numbers

    Looking at the makeup of Yale's first four expanded classes.

    Jul/Aug 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Government alleges admissions discrimination

    Yale denies claims made in a Department of Justice lawsuit.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Soccer coach charged in admissions fraud

    Yale promises reforms to prevent future abuse.

    May/Jun 2019
  • Bob Handelman



    As Yale seeks out more students whose parents didn’t graduate from college, students and alumni talk about the challenges that come with that pioneering role.

    Nov/Dec 2018
  • Light & Verity


    An Olympic skater commits to Yale.

    May/Jun 2018
  • Light & Verity

    Yale: the video (part 2)

    Seven years later, a followup to “That’s Why I Chose Yale.”

    Jan/Feb 2018