• Last Look

    Back to the past

    Near the top of Sterling Library, a tiny movie theater.

    May/Jun 2023
  • Light & Verity

    Music hall

    Whiffenpoof alumni want to build a home base for singing groups--and for returning alums.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • From the Editor

    Almost like visiting Yale

    Scenes from campus, every day.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • Scene on Campus

    In balance

    Noguchi's marble garden, at eye level.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • Last Look

    Study, pray, commune

    A Hindu worship service in Dwight Chapel.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • features

    Greek drama

    The travels of Yale's Athena, including tragedy, comedy, heads, and noses.

    Jan/Feb 2023 | Ico comments 3 comments