Student Life

  • Light & Verity

    Geek chic

    A café for the engineering set.

    May/Jun 2013
  • article image placeholder


    Undue influence

    When pharma firms give gifts to medical students.

    May/Jun 2013
  • Julie Brown

    Where They Are Now

    A CEO goes back to school

    Michael Jacobs works on his Yale BA—when he's not busy running a publishing company.

    May/Jun 2013
  • Scene on Campus

    Loom room

    A place for students to de-stress and get crafty.

    May/Jun 2013
  • features

    A rebel comes home

    In the ’70s, attitudes in America changed. So did attitudes at Yale. One alumnus remembers how he mutinied, and how he came back.

    Mar/Apr 2013
  • Christopher Capozziello

    Scene on Campus

    Dawn patrol

    Watching the sunrise from West Rock.

    Mar/Apr 2013