The fraud detective

Jim Chanos saw through Enron, Tyco, and the subprime mortgage mess. And made money on them.

By Richard Conniff Ico comments 2 comments


Grade expectations

Fifty years ago, ten percent of Yale College grades were A’s or A-minuses. Now it’s 62 percent.  A faculty committee thinks that number is too high.

By Robert McGuire


Forty years at the top

She first walked into Woodbridge Hall in 1973. Since then, Regina Starolis has served as executive assistant to six presidents of Yale.

By Paul Needham

From the Editor

A picture is worth…

One thing artificial grass and a string quartet have in common.

By Kathrin Lassila

Letters to the Editor

The English language in peril?

Readers sound off—in impeccable English—about our article on grammatical diversity.

Where They Are Now

Spock lives

The pediatrician who keeps a classic baby book up to date.

By Lenore Skenazy

Scene on Campus

Splt level, grt vu

Not your everyday treehouse.

Old Yale

Yale’s first female graduate

The Law School’s first female graduate talked her way in—35 years before other women were admitted.

By Judith Schiff

Sporting Life

Team building

Two Elis and the rapid rise of Israeli lacrosse.

By Alex Goldberger

Last Look

Investing in china

College dining-hall plates: now you can get them without stealing.

Q&A: Peter Salovey

Construction plans and projects

On those plans for new residential colleges—and other delayed projects.

By Kathrin Lassila