Remembering Donald Kagan

The classics professor and former Yale College dean was an educator par excellence—and a firebrand.


The night the Stones played Toad's

If you paid three bucks to hear a local band on August 12, 1989, you're among the lucky few who got a big surprise.

By Brian Phelps, Randall Beach


Looking outward

Launching a new $7 billion capital campaign, the university emphasizes not what donors can do for Yale, but what Yale can do for the world.

By Mark Alden Branch ’86


First impressions

We talked to some new students about their first days at Yale.

By Cathy Shufro Ico comments 1 comment


When the world is on fire

The 2021 Yale College Opening Assembly Address

By Peter Salovey ’86PhD


Conversations across time

An exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery features 150 years of art by Yale women.

By Peggy Edersheim Kalb ’86

From the Editor

Creation by camera

Richard Benson's photography was in a class by itself.

By Kathrin Day Lassila ’81

Letters to the Editor

Letters: November/December 2021

Where They Are Now

Listen harder

Rob Kapilow '75 teaches America about all kinds of music.

By Matthew Guerrieri

Scene on Campus

Holding class outdoors

The pandemic prompted a change in scene for the Yale College Opening Assembly.

President's Letter

Challenge and change

By Peter Salovey ’86PhD

Old Yale

Hero's welcome

A hundred years ago, Yale honored World War I commander Ferdinand Foch.

By Judith Ann Schiff

Last Look

Together again

It's a pleasure to see the campus filled with students.