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    Light & Verity


    Dongguk, Shvarts, and the Doodle.

    Jul/Aug 2008
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    Who wrote the Serenity Prayer?

    The inspiring text—long attributed to an eminent theologian—may have deeper roots than we thought.

    Jul/Aug 2008
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    How do undergraduates spend their summer? Almost a quarter go overseas every year, but most remain stateside. We asked four undergrads—two who went abroad, two who stayed—to write about one memorable experince of last summer.

    Jul/Aug 2008
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    Where They Are Now

    A fired prosecutor speaks

    Jul/Aug 2008
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    Brits claim another Yale provost

    Hamilton leaves for Oxford.

    Jul/Aug 2008
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    More news of Yale people

    May/Jun 2008