People & Profiles

  • Sporting Life

    The thousand-point man

    Yale's basketball captain scores 1,000th career point.

    Mar/Apr 2008
  • features

    The patriarch

    Vincent Scully is controversial, combative, the consummate insider but a fighter by nature. He is one of the most influential voices in architecture today -- and maybe the greatest lecturer Yale has ever seen.

    Mar/Apr 2008
  • Where They Are Now

    Another shade of blue

    An alumnus on the New Haven police force.

    Mar/Apr 2008
  • Milestones

    More news of Yale people

    Mar/Apr 2008
  • Michael Marsland


    Finding the stories in fossils

    A new director for the Peabody Museum.

    Jan/Feb 2008
  • Arts & Culture

    Funny business

    Learning the ropes as a comedian.

    Jan/Feb 2008