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Vote for president! (Of Princeton. Not that your vote will count.)

A Yale graduate is in the running to be the next president of Princeton University—at least in an unofficial poll that's being conducted online by students of another Yale graduate.

Professor Mark Alexander ’86, ’92JD, who is visiting at Princeton from nearby Seton Hall Law School, is teaching an undergraduate course called Election Law. Alexander is a prominent Democrat: a former adviser to President Barack Obama and brother of Yale professor Elizabeth Alexander ’84—Obama's 2009 inauguration poet—he recently launched his own campaign for New Jersey State Senate in 2013. But his students decided to focus on a different set of presidential candidates: those who might succeed Princeton's leader, Shirley Tilghman, when she steps down at the end of this school year.

So they set up a website,, asking their fellow undergraduates: "Who do you want the next Princeton president to be?" They first sought nominations, then chose the top five candidates and are now inviting votes.

"We wanted to gauge student opinion, then advocate on behalf of the most popular candidate(s)," the website says. Participation, however, is not restricted to Princeton students. (No, I'm not telling you how I voted.)

The Yalie in the bunch? Richard Revesz ’83JD, departing dean of New York University School of Law. Yeah, he went to Princeton undergrad.

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