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A Brenzel Wenzel?

It's the birthday present that every Yalie dreams of—even when he's eligible to join the AARP.

Some students in Timothy Dwight College are teaming up to get a sandwich named after the college's master, Jeffrey Brenzel ’75, in honor of his 60th birthday. "Students taste-tested four different sandwiches from Town Pizza to determine which one would win the lucky title," the Yale Daily News reports.

Wondering how to pronounce the name of the sandwich and its namesake? BREN-zel, rhymes with WEN-zel. Older alumni, wondering what's a Wenzel? It's a chicken sandwich from Alpha Delta Pizza (the long-ago Bulldog Pizza), famous among younger Yalies. Think Doodle Burger-level enthusiasm.

Let's hope Brenzel doesn't have to eat 10 Brenzels at a sitting to earn his naming rights.


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