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In SCOTUS Olympics,
this Yale kid wins a gold

On Monday, he was Politico's "top photo": face set intensely, tie flying over his shoulder as he dashed from the US Supreme Court building, folded paper in his hand.

On Tuesday, Dan Stein ’15 had a smile on his face and both feet off the ground as he carried the court's Voting Rights Act decision.

By midweek, Stein—a Yale Daily News editor and Whiffenpoof who is interning this summer at SCOTUSblog—had become an internet meme. Another student, Daniel Wein of George Washington University, captured a six-second video of Stein sprinting through a crowd outside the court building so that NBC's Pete Williams could be the first to report the day's decision. "Here's to you, running intern," said Buzzfeed. "Intern goes viral," said Today News, praising Stein's "fast and fancy footwork."

On Thursday, the Today Show invited Stein to show off that footwork, shuttling between Matt Lauer in the studio and Al Roker, waiting outside. "You can’t run in the Supreme Court building," where cameras are also barred, Stein noted. And, as he pointed out, "these aren't running shoes."

(h/t Daniel Sisgoreo ’14)

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