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In the governor's in-box:
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A bill to bar minors from Connecticut tanning salons was not the only important item on Governor Dannel Malloy's desk last Friday. At the top of the gov's inbox was the January/February issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine (conveniently highlighted here with a yellow arrow).

Malloy was signing into law an outright ban on indoor tanning by people under 17—a tightening of the previous requirement for parental permission. A growing number of states restrict indoor tanning for minors, based in part on a Yale School of Public Health study that found that young people who use tanning beds have a 69 percent higher risk of basal cell carcinoma—the most common form of skin cancer, which usually occurs after decades of sun exposure.

With Malloy at the signing are School of Public Health epidemiologist Susan Mayne, the study’s lead author, and Leah Ferrucci ’06MPH, ’09PhD, an associate research scientist at YSPH.

H/t to YSPH's Michael Greenwood for the heads-up and the photo.


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