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Tricks and treats at Woolsey next Thursday

The Yale Symphony Orchestra's Halloween Show sold out in ten minutes of online ticket sales last week. I have always loved the fact that the hottest ticket on campus on Halloween is a symphony concert—albeit a far-from-typical one. Going back at least as far as 1977 (Can anyone tell us when it started? Or if it was happening when you were at Yale?), the Halloween show is a raucous affair with both orchestra and audience in costume.

In the old days, the show had a bit of schtick surrounding performances of suitably scary music—Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor was a staple. Now, though, the YSO essentially provides the musical score for a much-antipated original short film about some frightening threat to Yale's existence. Yale administrators regularly make cameos, but such luminaries as James Franco, John McCain, and Woody Allen have also turned up.

If you didn't manage to snag tickets—and won't be in town to catch the simulcast in SSS—the YSO is happy to sell you DVDs of past shows. Just don't watch them alone.

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