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Yalies on the MTA

That old folk song about Charlie on the MTA has a new plot. Substitute the Big Apple for Beantown and student fund-raising for populist politicking, and you've got "Branford Underground"—a 27-hour sojourn through the New York subways.

Call it Yalies on the MTA.

Unlike poor Charlie, who "may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston" because he can't afford a fare increase, these students and alumni of Yale's Branford College planned their subway marathon to raise money for homeless people in New Haven.

They started at 10:50 am on December 7 and finishing at 1:50 the next afternoon, riding 210 miles through 412 stations, surfacing occasionally for food and bathroom breaks. They tweeted, slept, studied for finals, and took lots of photos—many of which are posted in a Storify synopsis of their adventure.

A little after midnight on Sunday, Regan Considine ’16 tweeted: "And four hourse later we are STILL in Brooklyn." Later that morning, Elizabeth Bradley ’96PhD—Branford College master and a public health expert—chimed in remotely: "McDonalds for breakfast? Did ur public health prof teach u nothing?"

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