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Manhattan memorializes a Yalie

It's not just the memory of Liz Berger ’82 that lives on. Four months after she died of cancer, "Ms. Berger is still winning strategic victories for downtown" Manhattan, the New York Times reports.

President of New York's Downtown Alliance, Berger was a "zealous advocate of Lower Manhattan," the Times said in its obituary in August. Last week, at the ceremonial dedication of the Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza, Manhattan's parks commissioner hinted that the plaza—which the Times describes as a landscaped traffic island—might be merged with a second such island, creating a larger, usable park.

Berger and the Downtown Alliance had long advocated for such a park. The alliance's acting president, William Bernstein, says it would be part of a “necklace of green spaces” running north from the Battery.

At last week's ceremony, Berger's husband and classmate, Fred Kaufman, recalled that when his wife worked for New York City mayor Ed Koch, she would come home and say: “I had to name another street today.”

"And so, Mr. Kaufman concluded, 'I couldn’t imagine a more fitting tribute to Elizabeth H. Berger than Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza.'”

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