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Last call to name those colleges

Henry Roe Cloud College, commemorating Yale’s first known Native American graduate? Fenno Heath College, named for the longtime Glee Club director? 

These are the newest (to us, at least) suggestions for naming the two residential colleges that Yale plans to build on Prospect Street. We’ve gathered your nominations previously, and they’re part of a “substantial roster” of suggestions, President Peter Salovey ’86PhD said today in a message to the Yale community.

But evidently not substantial enough.

“With funding now complete for the two new residential colleges, the Yale Corporation is seeking additional suggestions for their names,” Salovey wrote. There’s a submission form on the president’s website. And we’re soliciting ideas on our Facebook page as well as on this page.

First proposed in 2006 for a 2013 opening date, the new colleges were delayed by the recession and slower-than-expected fund-raising. When they’re completed—currently expected to be in 2017—they will house about 900 undergraduates, expanding Yale College’s enrollment by 15 percent. They’ll be the first new residential colleges since Ezra Stiles and Morse opened in 1962.

But what will they be called?

Our Facebook readers posted a flurry of names, several of which have surfaced previously—from Edward Bouchet to William Howard Taft, Grace Hopper to Bart Giamatti.

This is the first time, though, that we’ve heard a proposal for Fenno Heath ’50 ’52MusM, who directed the Glee Club for nearly 40 years. Likewise for Henry Roe Cloud, class of 1910, who later founded the first prep school for Indian boys.

An advantage for that last name is that it would be both historic and quintessentially modern, allowing students to say proudly: “I go to school in the Cloud.”


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    JOSEPH MCCABE, 11:13pm October 08 2014 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    I propose "FedEx College" to honor its founder,Fred Smith who was an Econ.Major,Class of ( @ ?) 1966.Fred revolutionized mail,package and freight delivery around the globe.Fred has been a bellwether for the national economy for decades.AND,we owe him.His Senior Thesis Adviser almost gave him a failing grade for his paper which was the business plan for FedEx.I know this isn't a colorful anecdote.Fred told me it was true at a closing dinner many years ago.And,from a really pragmatic perspective,he's super rich so you can hit him up for more money !!! The Bass Brothers are a really good choice,too.

  • Duo Dickinson
    Duo Dickinson, 8:27am October 14 2014 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    Well, obviously: Gryfendor & Slytherin (sp?)

  • Pieter Broucke GRAD '96
    Pieter Broucke GRAD '96, 7:14pm October 25 2014 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    How about two Yale artists, a musician and an architect, from the 20th century? Cole Porter College and Maya Lin College.

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