Student Life

  • Light & Verity

    Bring your own teddy bear

    The Good Life Center's new home has a prime spot for napping.

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • features

    A hub for the humanities

    The Hall of Graduate Studies is made over as a place to share ideas.

    Mar/Apr 2022 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • features

    In after years

    Thrown together by chance, Yale College students--and later, Yale College alumni--eventually become a cohesive class. How does it happen and what does it mean?

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • Last Look

    This wall can talk

    A new mural reflects Asian-American community at Yale.

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • Scene on Campus

    The frozen chosen

    What a divinity student does in a snowstorm.

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • Milestones

    More news of Yale people

    Jan/Feb 2022