Scene on Campus

  • Scene on Campus


    The only place it's safe to drive while distracted: a Yale simulator.

    Sep/Oct 2019
  • Scene on Campus

    Behind the screen

    Ancient tales, told with shadow puppets and gamelan music.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Scene on Campus

    Doctors in the house

    Some postdocs get in on the amateur-theater act.

    May/Jun 2019
  • Scene on Campus


    Don’t worry—they'll put Beinecke Plaza back just the way they found it.

    Mar/Apr 2019
  • Scene on Campus

    Out to the ball game

    A historic football rivalry in historic Fenway Park.

    Jan/Feb 2019
  • Scene on Campus

    Come one, come all

    Undergrads pack the Lanman Center for the annual Student Activities Bazaar.

    Nov/Dec 2018