Scene on Campus

  • Scene on Campus

    Better Living 101

    In record numbers, students flock to a psychology course on the good life.

    Mar/Apr 2018
  • Scene on Campus

    A room of one’s own

    A hidden library atop the Old Campus—for a lucky few.

    Jan/Feb 2018
  • Scene on Campus

    A place for everything

    So much shelf space at the West Campus Wurtele Center.

    Nov/Dec 2017
  • Scene on Campus

    New kids on the block

    The new colleges, seen from the air.

    Sep/Oct 2017
  • Scene on Campus

    Gimme shelter

    Protesters make themselves at home on Beinecke Plaza.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Scene on Campus


    At last, Yale has a practice room big enough for an orchestra.

    May/Jun 2017