Scene on Campus

  • Scene on Campus

    Picturing Pauli

    Mickalene Thomas '02MFA produced a dining-hall portrait of Pauli Murray you just can't miss.

    May/Jun 2023
  • Scene on Campus

    In balance

    Noguchi's marble garden, at eye level.

    Mar/Apr 2023
  • Scene on Campus

    Return of the Bag Monster

    The plastic-wrapped demon promotes sustainability.

    Jan/Feb 2023
  • Scene on Campus

    Happy Hour

    There's a new pub beneath the Woolsey rotunda.

    Nov/Dec 2022
  • Scene on Campus


    Summer is made for music at Yale's country home in Norfolk, Connecticut.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • Scene on Campus

    Singin' in the rain

    So what if people got wet? Spring Fling is back.

    Jul/Aug 2022