Scene on Campus

  • Scene on Campus

    Not a cathedral. We swear.

    But details like this ceiling in Sterling Memorial Library might make you wonder.

    Mar/Apr 2021
  • Bob Handelman

    Scene on Campus

    Still learning in 3D

    At an in-person class in the pandemic, there's lots of elbow room.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • Scene on Campus


    New med students get their white coats—carefully.

    Nov/Dec 2020
  • Scene on Campus

    Squash team

    Who can resist carving pumpkins?

    Sep/Oct 2020
  • Scene on Campus


    Union Station, New Haven's entrance hall, turns 100.

    Jul/Aug 2020
  • Scene on Campus


    Birds from the Peabody, on the wall of the Art Gallery.

    May/Jun 2020