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Joe Miller ’95JD

Senator Lisa Murkowski joined a half-dozen Republican colleagues in a West Wing huddle with President Barack Obama over climate policy this week. But it was Murkowski’s GOP primary challenger, Joe Miller ’95JD, who was hoping for political bounce. If Murkowski finds common ground with the White House on capping carbon emissions, “it absolutely is going to hurt her,” Miller told the New York Times. (Indeed, he gained the endorsement of the Wasilla-based Conservative Patriots Group in part by agreeing to “reject the argument that man made CO2 emissions are causing significant global warming.”)

Climate change is not the only issue on which Miller—according to his campaign website, a West Point graduate who earned a Bronze Star during the first Gulf War—seeks to set himself apart from Murkowski. From Wall Street bailouts to abortion, the Fairbanks-based lawyer portrays himself as “Alaska’s True Conservative Choice,” winning endorsements from Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express [PDF] (which calls him “a constitutional scholar”). A former state and federal magistrate who previously ran for state representative, Miller will face Murkowski in an August 24 primary. Daughter of a former senator and governor, she has the support of Alaska’s Republican establishment. But the race is getting rougher: this week, an Alaska blogger asserted (without support) that Miller was fired from a municipal legal job in Fairbanks. Miller’s campaign (which doesn’t mention the seven-year stint in his bio) calls the claim a “fabrication.”

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