Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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Flagg Youngblood ’97

Flagg Youngblood ’97 lives up to both halves of his name. A former Army captain who attended Yale on an ROTC scholarship, Youngblood directs the Vets for Freedom PAC and served until recently as director of military outreach at the flag-emblazoned Young America’s Foundation (“The Conservative Movement Starts Here”). From that platform, he criticized his alma mater for admitting a former Taliban spokesman and opposed the nomination of Elena Kagan, first as US solicitor general and then to the Supreme Court. “The president and his plotting comrades,” Youngblood argued, “…must be stopped from pushing us over the cliff.”

Now the Nashville native will put his miter saw where his moniker is, competing Sunday night for HGTV’s “coveted title of ‘All American Handyman.’” Says his online bio: “Flagg began tinkering with his father’s Craftsman tools at age 4. He soon began taking on home improvement projects for his family and became the handyman-in-residence for his fraternity and friends at Yale.” Youngblood tells the Washington Times that he still uses some of his great-grandfather’s hand tools from the 1920s.

But with a $10,000 Sears prize package and an HGTV development deal on the line, we’re guessing this old-fashioned guy will break out the power tools. Maybe he’ll build a bench or a cabinet—and pack it with conservatives.

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