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4/29/11: Michael Morand ’87, ’93MDiv



New Haven is full of Yalies Who Stayed: came here for college, liked the place, got a job, bought a home, settled down, got involved in local stuff. Michael Morand ’87, ’93MDiv, has taken that pattern to its extreme—except, maybe, for the settling down part. An aficionado of all things Yale and all things New Haven, Morand is constantly on the move, from a planned food co-op to a community theater performance to a city plan commission meeting to a photo op with Paul Giamatti ’89, ’94MFA. (Morand’s Facebook posts this week included plugs for his dry cleaner, an environmentally themed New Haven high school, Easter brunch overlooking the Quinnipiac River, and the Yale Day of Service—twice.)

So when Yale handed out its annual Seton Elm Ivy Awards this week—Elm to members of the New Haven community, and Ivy to Yale students, faculty, and staff—it had to give Morand a special Elm and Ivy Award. An associate vice president of the university, he recently shifted from his decade-long stint in the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, where he served as Yale’s public face (and hot pink socks) in New Haven’s City Hall and its neighborhoods. From his student days as a member of the city council, he moved on to serve on (or chair) the boards of the Chamber of Commerce, New Haven Public Library, Arts Council, and a multitude of other local organizations.

Morand now divides his work time between Yale’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications and the Association of Yale Alumni. He divides his play time between… everything else.



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