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9/16/11: Garth Neustadter ’12MM

It’s a good thing Garth Neustadter ’12MM didn’t try to travel on September 11.

The night before, the composer won a Primetime Emmy for a documentary score. On September 12, Neustadter told a reporter from his home state of Wisconsin that he was nervous about carrying the statuette aboard his flight from Los Angeles:

“The Emmy is very angelic looking, but it has two sharp-pointed wings. I’ve heard they can be viewed as weapons and it can get confiscated.”

Fortunately, Neustadter, who is rather angelic-looking himself, made it to New Haven “without any problems,” he writes in an e-mail—“although it was evident that many of the TSA personnel enjoyed ‘inspecting’ my carry-on!” Now it’s back to school: the 25-year-old Emmy winner is a composition student at the Yale School of Music. His award-winning score, for the PBS documentary John Muir in the New World, “was recorded at Yale with members of the Yale Philharmonia, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and the Linden String Quartet,” according to a School of Music press release.

Oh, and one more thing about that statuette, Neustadter told a blogger for his alma mater, Lawrence University: it’s heavy.

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