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Taylor Ritzel ’10, Ashley Brzozowicz ’04 & Tess Gerrand ’10: A trio of Olympians face each other down.

You’ve seen Taylor Ritzel ’10 here before, featured in our sports column, and even as a former co-Yalie of the Week. This time, she’s an Olympic gold medalist.

But the story doesn’t end there. Ritzel had Yalie company—and competition—in the women’s eight rowing finals in London on August 2: three Yalies, rowing for three different countries. Ritzel, whose Olympic dreams were fueled by her late mother, helped power the US team to the gold medal. Ashley Brzozowicz ’04 rowed for silver-medal-winning Canada. And Tess Gerrand ’10 was on the Australian team, which finished sixth.

Another former Yalie of the Week, Jamie Redman ’08, was an alternate (or, in the unsparing Olympic terminology, a “spare”) on the USA team.

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