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Laurie Rubin ’03MusM: Insights from a blind singer.

She’s not a fat lady, and it’s definitely not over. In fact, opera singer Laurie Rubin ’03MusM hopes her career gets a new boost with the October 23 release this week of her memoir, Do You Dream in Color? Insights From a Girl without Sight.

Did we mention that Rubin is blind?

The book, written for young adults with the support of an alumniVentures award from the Yale School of Music, tells Rubin’s life story as a “journey towards identity,” addressing questions that many young people struggle with: “Who am I?” and “Where do I fit in?” In her case, fitting in comes not only in concert halls as a mezzo-soprano, but also on the ski slopes and in her sideline, designing and selling handmade jewelry.

Do You Dream in Color? has an accompanying CD, on which Rubin sings her own poetry, set to music by composer Bruce Adolphe. But no, she points out: unlike other professional singers, she does not sight-read music.

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